Tips for Buying a New Air Conditioner

Tips for Buying a New Air Conditioner

Now that many people are the heat came thinking about buying an air conditioner, here are a few tips to avoid mistakes and make our best buy.

Let’s start at the beginning

First of all I think that we should ask ourselves the question really need air conditioning? Yes, Yes, you read well. I’ve seen teams of air conditioning in the sierra (still I wonder for that). Watch that is worth money, think of everything you can do with the money to install air conditioning.

What I say now may be a bit obvious, but it is really important. If you have visited the monastery of in the summer, you will have observed that inside is much more cool… and do not have air conditioning! The same happens when we went down to a basement or a cellar… why? Well… very simple: by thermal insulation which is the thickness of the walls… or depth. The thermal insulation is really a section to have very important: how much better housing is isolated less need for air conditioning / heating will have. Or put another way: will less cost us the installation of air conditioning (will be less potent) and will spend less on electricity.
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Tricks to save money when it comes to renewing your home flooring

Tricks to save money when it comes to renewing your home flooring

The soils of the home constitute an aesthetic element that we have to take into account when adapting it to the room to which you belong. Many times we find a type of soil that does not tell us anything or that has nothing to do with the room in which it is.

Then we are going to give some small tips to get save for the renovation of the floor of our House.

Parquet: It is special for small spaces. We can find them in different shades to choose one that you like most. We can give a rustic touch to the room that will be great decorated according to it.

By parts: the ground of any House will begin to wear out with the passage of time. In addition, you can market trends change and we are adapting to the new times.

The best idea is to change it gradually. You must be careful to not get into an elevated reform to change the soil of coup: it will be very traumatic and have a fairly high cost.
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How to decorate the home for fall

How to decorate the home for fall

Cold nights, clear days, and the foliage of colors are part of the autumn. Use your imagination and add pumpkins, corn stalks, and other topics of falling objects to your House. Just look abroad for inspiration. Pay attention to the colors of autumn and the smells, and imagine how to bring that heat of autumn to your nights. It stimulates your senses and see how you have inspiration.

It begins with the front door. Make your entrance door, with a pleasant floral offering. Search for twigs and wreaths as a basis for autumn decorations. Add berries, acorns, and a few leaves. That’s everything you need to light up the door. Use a Crown of vine as a basis for sunflowers and other fall flowers. Add warm gold, rust and Brown. Alternatively, a wreath of eucalyptus for a perfume of autumn.

Heat your living room. Add candles from soy scented with Apple and cinnamon. Add pillows to tone. Fill vases with dried hydrangeas and rustic twigs in the vases, as also a Crown of Acorn in the wall. Put clear antique, secondhand books and place them on the coffee table or add them to a full pan of brown-colored ornaments. It is located the baskets in the soil for the magazines.

Have fun in the kitchen. Grab a tablecloth with fall-themed. Put a basket on the table and fill it with pumpkin. Put tea towels and oven mitts to the game. You are looking for a box of biscuits from Apple. Buy at the large store cups of coffee-colored, fun cups, bowls of colors and game dishes.
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Types of garden fences

Types of garden fences

Fences are a very important part in the decoration of the exterior garden either to delimit areas or to surround him completely, they always give you a beautiful and warm style. Here we briefly described the types of most commonly used garden fences so you can get to know them and choose the most appropriate for you:

Vinyl fences
Vinyl is a very economical and versatile material that is widely used in the decoration of interiors and modern exterior. They offer a lot of benefits which, coupled with its low prices, is one of the best options that we have to hedge our home gardens.

Another great benefit that we should highlight is that, these vinyl fence do not require future maintenance which means a significant saving of vinyl fences are easy to install and you don’t need to invest in the hiring of a professional and thus either, you will need to carry out maintenance work to keep you in good condition.

These fences are made of a material which is suitable to expose to the outside that they are not impaired, or are affected by different factors in the climate. The rain and the Sun, how much, can cause them to lose some color but after this do not cause some damage to the material.
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How to Care for your Outdoor Furniture

How to Care for your Outdoor Furniture

Wood, iron, fiber, resin… Almost all outdoor furniture should be cleaned with SOAP and water, but must apply specific treatments so they last longer and are perfect.
Saltwater for fibers

The advantage of furniture of bamboo, rattan and other vegetable fibers is that they are light and resistant, but they tend to accumulate dust in braiding and joints. To remove it, use a vacuum cleaner (one hand, wireless, will be more comfortable) or a soft brush of long bristles. To clean the furniture using a sponge dampened in a solution of salt water and dry with a cloth that does not leave lint. Finally, apply a layer of colorless varnish for exteriors that are outdoors: protect them from the Sun, rain and temperature changes.

It glues joints

Joints are the weak point of natural fiber furniture. Although they are usually reinforced, they loosen with use and the passage of time. It is the time to review them: if they are loose, glue together them with wood glue until they break. And whenever you can, it saves under covered furniture.

Synthetic fibres, with SOAP and water.

Synthetic fibers that imitate rattan, bamboo or Wicker, are durable and weather resistant. In addition, they are very easy to maintain because they are made from plastics and resins that are washed with SOAP and water. They resist even salt water and chlorine, the only caution that must be taken is to dry thoroughly with a cloth to avoid water to leave trademarks evaporates. But with the passage of time also end up losing its natural shine and although there are specific products that help to recover it in the market, the best thing to do is to try to not damage overweight sol. That is why, at the end of the summer, cover furniture or protect them from the weather.
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Construction of eco-homes: advantages and disadvantages

Construction of eco-homes: advantages and disadvantages

The construction of eco-homes is on the rise. And there are good reasons to do so. In this post we will see the main advantages of green building, but also some disadvantages that must be taken into account.

Advantages of the construction of ecological houses

Although there has been the idea that ecological constructions are more expensive, this is not true. The design and construction of green structures cost about the same as that of other types of buildings. And, in case of being more expensive, in the long run saves money on energy and maintenance; so over time they gain.

Energy efficiency

Green buildings have the great advantage of reducing energy consumption. This not only greatly reduces costs in the long run but that decrease pollution.
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There is no better time than the present to avoid distractions that block you from achieving real happiness.

Eviscerate confused States of mind which have been conditioned beliefs of that which is considered normal.
Remove the unnecessary stress of life and reduce the volume of all the background noise.

A minimalist architectural or interior design requires a similar approach, it is simply a reflection on the environment.

The first step to take is to exclude the things that don’t really need.

Look around you. Insurance is that there are a lot of things there, in the room with you, things which do not lack, are more.

There are things that do not improve your life or give you happiness, only create disorder in your life and make it difficult to see the most important goal.

Put hands to work to clear their environments from disorder and excesses. Get rid of things you don’t use or need can be a somewhat laborious or even strenuous task to the
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Seven types of tiles you want to use in the roof of your House

Seven types of tiles you want to use in the roof of your House

The roof of a home is one of the most important parts. It is the place where will come and will heat during the summer, which will receive rainfall in winter and that will Crown the entire structure of your House.

For these reasons, it is that we have to choose very good material with which we want to make our roof. We dedicate this post only to shingles, material par excellence for the construction of roofs since ancient times.

There are different types, shapes and materials, classical and modern, heavy and lighter. Choose which best fits the design of your home.

Asphalt shingles: asphalt shingles are excellent insulation from moisture thanks to its manufacture based on asphalt, sand and organic fiber. They are also resistant to fire and strong winds. They also have the ability to absorb heat or refract it. They come in various colors, the darkest are recommended for cold areas where is best to absorb heat and lighter colors are best in warm areas. They are in the most economical.

Fiber cement shingles: other than the common shingles, cement are plate shaped tiles that are installed one above another, come in different colors and textures. They are within the most economical on the market and are too light.
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Chic Style Kitchen Design

Chic style is a way to decorate also known as “shabby chic”. This style refers to an informal and comfortable atmosphere. The style shabby chic decor involves the use of quality second hand items that can make this type of decorating a little easier on your budget. You can transform your kitchen into an elegant place with the addition of colors, elements and patterns that are indicative of unfortunate elegant look.


1.  Shop antiques garage sales and thrift stores such as coffee makers, dishes and furniture. Look for articles that are of good quality and project a welcoming, interesting character.

2.  Use lace or small white floral motifs for your window treatments.

3.  Cover your chairs in the kitchen with slightly faded floral upholstery.

4.  Paint your cabinets white. Look for items for your kitchen that also have a paint finish in difficulties.

5.  Remove some of your top level cabinets doors and use them to display dishes, bowls and vases.

6.  Show a vase of fresh-cut flowers or a bowl of pine cones and twigs in the table or counter.


Ideas to improve the House at low cost.

As budgets conform more and more, people are inclined to DIY.

Do-it-yourselfers or what we call DIY is a term used to describe the construction, modification or repair of something without the help of experts or professionals.

The expression do-it-yourself became common in the 1950s in reference to improvement projects for the home that people might choose to complete independently.

Do home improvement is a great way to add value to your home and achieve the best possible results when you want to sell it. The renovation of your home can also achieve lifestyle changes for you and the family. Make your home using DIY, such as renovations: renovation of the bathroom, kitchen, lighting, etc. even enhance the value of your property and your lifestyle.

Renewing your ceilings, painting, or with the addition of new windows can give you changes of appearance all over the House and increase their value in the real estate market. Simple enhancements such as painting and lighting are good ways to improve the appearance of the home.

The remodeling of your bathroom or kitchen is often one of the most effective ways to add value to your home, while a bathroom or kitchen neglected can considerably lower the selling price of the House.

Renewable sources of energy such as solar energy and wind energy are becoming more popular, as people become more aware of environmental problems and are given account that can save money in the long-term energy costs.

Many people add solar and renewable energy to their homes products while they carry out renovations or improvements to the House. Solar panels and solar systems have lower prices every year.

One of the most common, but at the same time one of the most popular ideas of renewal is to improve the insulation of the House. High quality insulation is a great way to save money in the long run and is the most cost-effective solution to reduce your energy bills.

Another idea of renewal of houses that must take into account is the tinted glasses windows. The tinted glass can passively reflect and absorb up to 70% of solar heat. Something very useful for the comfort during the warmer months and that serves to reduce energy bills by refrigeration.